Refuse Accessories

ABM knows the refuse equipment market better than anyone.  From trucks to the latest high-tech devices, ABM delivers. Here’s a snapshot of our industry-leading brands:

Pioneer Auto Tarp


Pioneer leads the way in after-market truck and trailer tarp technologies. We created the Rack ‘n Pinion® truck tarp that revolutionized the industry and to this day remains the standard by which all other tarps are measured. Beyond that, our warranties are stronger, our service is unparalleled and we continue to innovate and provide superb value to our customers. Pioneer was were awarded the first-ever US patent for a truck covering device and we haven’t rested since. Those are just some of the reasons why we’ve endured and thrived for half a century.

ECCO Backup Camera K7000B

ECCO Refuse Backup Camera

ECCO wired and wireless backup camera systems significantly enhance refuse safety with their weather-proof designs and high-definition monitor displays. Available with wired or wireless models and multi-camera options, our camera systems easily install on any refuse truck or other industrial equipment. At ECCO, safety is our business. We make products that take care of people, so they can take care of business. That’s why we stand behind our refuse customers without exception.

Sonetics headset


Sonetics is the leading global provider of team communication systems for challenging work environments. Customers worldwide choose Sonetics when they need to hear and be heard. Sonetics, along with its Flightcom and Firecom divisions, recently celebrated its 35th year as the leader in customer service, innovation, and deployment in the wireless team communications industry. We’ve been privileged to help firefighters, first responders, commercial aviation and military personnel communicate clearly when lives are on the line and failure is not an option.