Tree Care

When a municipality devotes significant time and resources to tree care, they take notice.  Nothing adds to the beauty and serenity of neighborhoods quite like rows of beautifully maintained trees. When it’s time to upgrade your tree care equipment, look to ABM.  We’ve upfitted hundreds of tree care trucks over the decades, and can recommend the perfect equipment care solution for your municipality with these leading brands:

Featured Epsilon Loader A-line m13a Timber

Epsilon Tree Care

With a reliable, versatile crane from Epsilon, you and our crew can quickly and easily connect and remove attachments and get started on the day’s work.  Grapples, saws, and man baskets provide for secure removal of high, heavy branches, and get your crew members where they need to be.  Plus, you’ll be adding efficiency and safety to every project – that means finishing the work quickly and eliminating the risks of manual climbing, cutting, and carrying.  Trust Epsilon, one of the best in the business, for all your tree care needs.

Featured Mecanil-SG160


Mecanil manufactures high-quality, safe, and easy-to-use grapple saws and felling heads for the tree care and forest industries. Mecanil invests in developing crane attachment products with advanced capabilities and the highest quality standards. By designing and manufacturing efficient, flexible crane tools, Mecanil gives you the ability to perform exacting tree work in parks, residential areas, farms, and forests.