Hydro Excavation

Featured Vac-Con Ketterman Sewer Cleaner


Since 1986, Vac•Con®️, Inc. has manufactured more than 8,400 custom-built, truck-mounted machines to serve public and private environmental markets globally. Located in Green Cove Springs, Florida, it is one of the largest producers of sewer cleaning equipment in North America. Our goal from day one has been to design and actualize the most powerful and reliable machines in the industry, in turn allowing us to push the envelope year after year with unrivaled innovation. 

Sonetics headset


Sonetics is the leading global provider of team communication systems for challenging work environments. Customers worldwide choose Sonetics when they need to hear and be heard. Sonetics, along with its Flightcom and Firecom divisions, recently celebrated its 35th year as the leader in customer service, innovation, and deployment in the wireless team communications industry. We’ve been privileged to help firefighters, first responders, commercial aviation and military personnel communicate clearly when lives are on the line and failure is not an option.