Aerial Lifts & Digger Derricks

Bucket trucks, aerial lifts, and diggers equip the important work of municipalities, public works, and departments of transportation in the construction and maintenance of street and highway lighting, traffic signals, and directional signage. Additionally, tree service providers and park and recreation departments require this important equipment to maintain state and national forests, parks, and other wooded areas on both public and private lands. Emergency crews can’t do without aerial equipment and diggers to restore power after a storm.  That’s why you should count on ABM to provide the solutions and brands you need to maintain America’s critical infrastructure.

Here are just a few of the solutions ABM offers:

Featured-Versalift Non-overcenter Bucket Truck

Manitex AL-68 Lift

The Manitex AL68 Track Mounted Aerial Lift is the pinnacle of versatility and performance. With its cutting-edge all-terrain track drivetrain and 35″ travel mode width, there are virtually no limits to where you can work.

Featured-Versalift Non-overcenter Bucket Truck


Aerial lifts have been the focus of Versalift for more than 50 years. If you are responsible for a fleet that maintains electrical power distribution or transmission lines, telecommunication lines, lighting, signage and traffic signals, or forests and parks, Versalift’s high-quality, safe and reliable catalog of bucket trucks is essential to your future success.

Featured-Condor 180-I Bucket Truck

CTA Condor

Aerial lifts manufactured for electric utility transmission construction and maintenance include the iconic Condor line. Condor aerial lifts are built to be reliable and safe while providing consistent, stable access to a large working envelope. Available as both insulated and non-insulated, Condor aerial lifts feature multiple outrigger configurations, making them more efficient to set up.

Featured2 Highway Foundation Drill 60

Highway Manufacturing

Since 1926, Highway Manufacturing has been a leading innovator in high-performance pressure digger and foundation drilling equipment. Highway designs and manufactures the most reliable, innovative, and productive equipment available. Highway’s earth auger drills offer a wide range of drill speeds, depths, and drill torques built right here in America. And with quick setup times, your crew can get work fast and remain ultra-productive throughout the workday.

Challenger Aerial Work Platform

Challenger Aerials

Challenger Lifts began in Cleveland Ohio in the mid-1970s. In 1990, Delphi Body Works purchased the assets of Challenger and moved the operation to Delphi, Indiana. Delphi continued to build the 3400 series lifts and in 1998 added the 2900 series lifts. States, cities, counties, heavy rail, and light rail systems all rely on Challenger to provide high-quality personnel lifts, both insulated and non-insulated, with working heights up to 40 feet.