Radio Remotes

ABM Equipment & Supply offers a complete line of radio remotes from industry leaders Scanreco, Hetronic, and NBB.

Scanreco Maxi Thumb


Scanreco has been developing and supplying professional radio remote control systems to all parts of the world since 1984. Our global presence today is supported by an ever-expanding network of local sites and carefully chosen distributors carrying expertise within both hydraulics and radio technology. Scanreco continuously develops new products and systems that are at the leading edge of the industry, always in close dialogue with our customers, the actual users, and experts on ergonomics and usability.

Hetronic Home Receiver


Hetronic continues to meet its commitments to industrial process control equipment operators through technology advancements in hardware and software as well as expand into new markets around the world. New wireless Radio Remote Control solutions have and are being introduced into new markets. These include Drones, UAV’S & UGV’S, Railway (Remote Control Locomotive), Marine, Military, and Mobile Hydraulics.

In addition, Hetronic has expanded its design capability and is integrating innovative RF, Display, Video Feedback, and Sensor technologies into our products to meet the safety and performance requirements of our customers. Our continuous improvement of manufacturing processes has led to a faster turn-around of PO to shipment and improved our already world-class capabilities.

NBB Industrial Hydraulic Radio Remote


NBB Radio Remote Controls for utility, construction, and municipal applications. NBB products have grown to be a market leader due to technologically advanced features, reliability, ergonomically designed housings, and the high quality of backup services. NBB units can be customized to perform proportional, analog, and discrete (on/off) operations. Count on NBB to provide the best value and service, along with price points that can meet your budget.