Crane Attachments

Give your outdoor crew a huge productivity boost with crane attachments from ABM.  Our world-class brands and expert advice bring you solutions that meet your budget, timeframe, and performance expectations.  

Featured Mecanil-SG160


Mecanil manufactures high-quality, safe, and easy-to-use grapple saws and felling heads for the tree care and forest industries. Mecanil invests in developing crane attachment products with advanced capabilities and very high quality standards. By designing and manufacturing efficient, flexible crane tools, Mecanil gives you the ability to perform exacting tree work in parks, residential areas, farms, and forests.

Kinshofer x-lock quick coupler


Kinshofer crane attachments have been engineered to achieve optimal performance standards. These robust crane tools can be used for a wide variety of jobs including concrete and steel construction demolition, scrap yards, conditioning of industrial mixed scrap, and even processing steel-reinforced concrete.  Kinshofer quality assures you and your crew of a full day’s work with no performance issues.

Heiden crane rotator


Heiden, Inc. is a privately-held manufacturer headquartered in a 40,000 square foot facility in Manitowoc, Wisconsin. Our employees provide precision metal fabricating to a variety of industries including transportation, construction, agriculture, marine, and government. Our lines of uniquely engineered truck crane attachments are well known in construction, railroad, trash and scrap, roofing, and wallboard industries. The product line includes hydraulically operated Clam Buckets, Dump Boxes, Roof Hoppers, as well as specialized Material Handling Grapples and Forks.