Truck-Mounted Forklifts


ABM Equipment offers a versatile range of truck-mounted forklifts designed to streamline material handling operations in various industries. These innovative forklifts are uniquely mounted on the rear of trucks, providing enhanced mobility and efficiency for loading and unloading tasks in diverse environments.

Our truck-mounted forklifts feature robust construction and advanced features to ensure reliable performance in demanding conditions. With quick and easy deployment, operators can efficiently navigate tight spaces and access hard-to-reach areas, improving productivity and reducing handling times.

Whether you need to unload construction materials at a job site, deliver goods to customers, or stock inventory in a warehouse, ABM Equipment’s truck-mounted forklifts offer the versatility and performance to get the job done effectively. Trust us to provide top-quality solutions that optimize your material handling operations and drive success for your business.

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ABM Carries These Truck-Mounted Forklifts:

  • Palfinger Cranes

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