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With a rich heritage of innovation and a commitment to excellence, Anthony Liftgates stands at the forefront of the liftgate industry. Renowned for precision engineering and unmatched reliability, Anthony Liftgates offers a comprehensive range of solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across the upper Midwest. From small-scale delivery vans to heavy-duty commercial fleets, our liftgates redefine efficiency, ensuring seamless loading and unloading operations for businesses in various sectors.

As a trusted partner, ABM Equipment proudly represents Anthony Liftgates, providing expert sales, installation, and service throughout the region. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and technical expertise, ABM Equipment ensures seamless integration and optimal performance of Anthony Liftgates for businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s logistics, transportation, or construction, Anthony Liftgates and ABM Equipment empower businesses in the upper Midwest to streamline their cargo handling processes with confidence and reliability.

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