Grapple Saws and Felling Heads

Mecanil manufactures high-quality, safe, and easy-to-use grapple saws and felling heads for the tree care and forest industry. Mecanil’s lightweight, compact, powerful, and durable attachments give your tree crew the toolset to get the job done quickly and safely.  Innovative Mecanil ideas include designing products for specific equipment types, such as excavators, and amazing new high-performance grapplesaws with tilt. 

Mecanil patented products include energy heads, grapple saws, grapple saw units, and wood grapples.  Mecanil designs can be upfit on knuckle boom cranes, trucks, tractors, forestry machines, and excavators. Mecanil saw bars are easy to replace and offer customized length and increased tensioning travel for optimal saw bar setup.

Mecanil designs solutions for parks, residential areas, state and federal forests, farms, and growers that require an efficient way to maintain forested areas.  Mecanil is a family-owned Finnish company founded in 1990.

Through ongoing investment in product development and technical solutions, Mecanil consistently provides efficient, job-flexible machinery and tooling solutions that serve the needs of forestry professionals while maintaining the highest environmental standards.