Grapple Loaders

EPSILON grapple loaders deliver impressive performance in logging, tree care, pole handling, bulk waste collection, storm debris removal, and rail applications. The full line of EPSILON grapple loaders are available in three different boom styles: A-Line, L-Line, and Z-line, and in a diverse range of configurations. Every EPSILON loader is designed for ease of use, comfort, precision, and maximum speed on the job. Standard features such as EPSCOPE, EPSLINK, and KTL ensure maximum durability and reliability for the lifetime of the loader. By investing in EPSILON, you are selecting well-established loaders, a trusted global brand, and a reliable partner.

Through ABM Equipment, you can order your grapple in a variety of configurations. ABM can deliver rear-mounted loaders or behind-the-cab-mounted loaders. These loaders can be equipped with standup controls on both the street and curbside of the unit as well as top seat controls. ABM can deliver the “L” boom, which lays over the bed, or the “Z” model booms which fold up behind the cab with the attachment so you can dump the debris without having to move the loader out of the way. These units are ideal for cleaning up yard and tree waste, white goods, storm cleanup, and even accident sites. Models can be fit on a single or tandem rear axle chassis and customized with a bed design to fit your exact needs.

Even in the roughest environments, your EPSILON Loader will perform over the long run.  Plus, EPSILON is the only manufacturer in North America to offer a complete, full-line solution with our L and Z Lines, so you can rely on our wide product portfolio for the right loader. Whether you need timber, refuse, rail, off-road, or scrap applications, make EPSILON your first choice.

ABM has sold hundreds of EPSILON applications over the decades and can recommend just the right loader for you.